September 10, a student on the beach!

On Monday, as I was starting to build my castle, a young man came over. He said, “I’ve been trying to build sandcastles all my life – what is your secret?” I stopped what I was doing, and shared all that I know with him, and he built an amazing Egyptian Lion Sphinx. I love teaching big kids (he is 34!)

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  1. I am looking into getting nieces and nephews some different christmas presents this year. I was wondering if you still do sandcastle building lessons and if so, what the cost would be? They live in Bethany Beach, DE.

    1. Hi Meri –
      If you bring kids to my beach, in Lewes, DE, I give lessons there, for no charge. I will be on the Market Street beach on most sunny days, August 7 -24, and September 4 – 18.
      I hope to see them/meet them, and teach them how to make castle (that’s a reward in itself!)

  2. We just found out we will need to fly to Austin,TX on September 2, to babysit one of our grandchildren for a week. We will be back at the beach September 11, till the 18th.

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