Sunday, Sept 17, one of my last castles

It was a crazy day with weather (cloudy, then a bit of sun, and cloudy again; rough water; very calm water; windy and cooler in the afternoon.) But then again, I am not on the beach to get a tan! I just want to build, and today’s castle satisfied that want!
I hope to get to the beach on Monday, September 18, and build, if the weather cooperates. We will be leaving Lewes on Wednesday morning, to go home to SouthEast Pennsylvania, and will be packing and cleaning Tuesday. We don’t expect to be back to Lewes until next May. I will certainly miss the water, beach, and especially building castles.
Here is Sunday’s castle –

After a day off, back building on September 14, although an unusual castle

I had decided to get to some much needed weeding on September 13 (in the rain,) but got back on the beach Thursday.
For my birthday, a friend gave me an unusual sand mold (that reminded me of the Sydney Opera House.) It was a challenge! This is what I came up with.

I wished I had built a traditional castle, when I had a visit from Diana, a 3 year old, who came with her mom, Tanya. Diana came, with a gift of a speckled crab shell for me! I hope to build a castle that Diana will like today.

September 10, a student on the beach!

On Monday, as I was starting to build my castle, a young man came over. He said, “I’ve been trying to build sandcastles all my life – what is your secret?” I stopped what I was doing, and shared all that I know with him, and he built an amazing Egyptian Lion Sphinx. I love teaching big kids (he is 34!)