Jack be nimble, Jack be quick –

Anna’s little brother, Jack (4 yrs old) made one jump too many over Anna’s beautiful dolphin sand sculpture! Luckily, Piper and Anna were able to smooth out his footprint (where he missed the jump.)
Aug 25 2016 Piper 5, and Anna 7 with their dolphin Anna 7, from Swingerland, NY was the mastermind behind this wonderful dolphin sand sculpture. Piper 5, from Blue Bell, PA, made the blow hole for the dolphin.

Aug 25 2016, clouds hanging over my castle Clouds hanging over my castle made this picture better, today.

An old friend, Piper( 5 years old,) teamed up with 2 new friends

It was so good to see my old friend, Piper, come up the beach with her mom Stephanie and grandmom Jody! Piper teamed up with two new friends, and made a fantastic castle!
Aug 23 2016 Jack 4, Anna 7 from Swingerland NY and Piper 5 from Blue Bell PA Jack, 4 and sister Anna 7, from Swingerland, NY, with Piper 5, from Blue Bell, PA and their fantastic castle

Aug 23 2016, late start, just front of a castle I had a late start on the beach today, but did manage to get the front of a castle done. Hopefully, I’ll work on the back of it today – or maybe get an earlier start with a new castle.

Hoping the castle destroyers go home today

It was such a disappointment when we went to the beach this morning, and found all the lovely castles tramped down and destroyed. I can’t understand parents/kids who think it’s okay to tear down something that someone else has made (not to mention the intense work it takes to pile up and prepare the sand with buckets of water to begin carving.)
When kids like Sebastian, 10 years old, from Wilmington, DE, come, and create, it makes my faith in humanity soar <3

Aug 20, 2016, Sebastian 10, from Wilmington and his castle village Sebastian, 10, from Wilmington, Delaware, and his castle village today.

Some old ‘castlers’ came back to build today!

What a great day on the beach today, having seasoned builders come back!
The first two are two of my favorite people, Molly and her brother, Colin, from Toughkennamon, who were here on August 3rd, saying they’d be back – and they did come back! Colin was in process, working on his castle, when the calimari called him from Striper Bites (actually, it was Colin’s mom, saying they had to leave, enticing him with lunch, including that calimari!) Colin’s castle had a collapse, but I promised him I would give his building site to an accomplished sandcastle builder.
The third picture is my son, Brendan, who starting building castles when he was 2 years old (well, really roads and bridges.) He hasn’t built a castle in a long time – but came up with a crisp, angular design yesterday, that made me really happy to see him building alongside of me again, after many years! (I hope Colin is happy with his ‘sub!’)
Fourth, is Lila and Owen’s Aunt Kelsie, who used to watch me many years ago, and build her own castles. She was the best cheerleader for her niece and nephew!
Last, my castle, yesterday.

Aug 19 2016, Molly 7, and her castle.  From Toughkennom Molly 7, from Toughkennamon came back to build again!

Aug 19, 2016 Colin 10, from Toughkennamon, castle in progress The calimari called Colin 10, from Toughkennamon, right before he had a major collapse

Aug 19, 2016 Brendan's castle My son, Brendan, came to the beach with his wife Julie, and their 15 month old baby, Maura. It made me very happy to have Brendan building alongside of me, as he used to do. And what a great structure!

Aug 19 2016, Lila 5, Aunt Kelsie, and Owen 8, from West Chester, PA It was amazing to have Lila 5, and Owen 8, from West Chester, PA and their Aunt Kelsie (who used to build here)

Aug 19 2016, my castle My castle today (one of my favorites.) Then again, every day is my favorite <3

The wind came out of the North today, and much cooler on the beach

When the wind changed, coming out of the North, it cooled things off so much! The rainstorm we had last night must have had something to do with the weather change, and we were all very grateful!
Aug 18, 2016 Andrew 10, and sister Julie 8, from Baltimore, MD
Andrew 10, and his sister, Julie 8, from Baltimore MD made a great castle today

Aug 18, 2016 Sebastian 10, from Wilmington, DE and Sophia 7, from Newark, DE
Sebastian 10, from Wilmington, DE and Sophia 7, from Newark, DE, worked together on a wonderful castle today.

Aug 18, 2016 my castle looking toward bay My castle, looking out towards the bay

Aug 18, 2016 my castle, looking up toward inlet my castle today, looking up towards the inlet

A breeze on the beach, and clouds blocking the sun

A breeze on the beach, and clouds blocking the sun made it a good day, today. Lots of kids!
Aug 17, 2016 Connor 8, Ian 10, Charlie 6, and Owen 10, Takoma Park, MD
Connor 8, Ian 10, Charlie 6 and Owen 10, from Takoma Park, MD, with a magnificent castle, complete with a dragon on top!!

Aug 17, 2016 River 10 and cousin Finn 11, from Washington DC
River 10 and cousin, Finn, 11, frpm Washington, DC, with their waterway castle, complete with a stick gate

Aug 17, 2016, small castle today
A small castle today, sun and wind drying out the sand. Hopefully, bigger tomorrow!

A new castle from the ground up, today

Tues Aug 16, 2016 castle
I had to build a new castle from the ground up, today. (I was on the 12:15 ferry yesterday, to hear my brother, Bill Hicks, dressed in colonial garb, as Gilbert McCracken, a Lewes Pilot, born in 1766, who lived in the Cannonball House.) Bill is a member of the Lewes Historical Society, and talks about shipwrecks, pirates, and life in Lewes in those bygone days.
When I got to the beach today, I found my castle from Sunday gone (really gone!) a huge hole where it was! I’m hoping today’s castle will stand, so that I can build a little bigger on it tomorrow.