Wednesday, August 22 – my last day on the beach til September 11

A delay, because the server was down –
But here are Wednesday’s castles.
< What would my oldest son, Glenn, an avid gun collector sculpt? You guessed it!
My oldest granddaughter, Sue, opted for a castle 💕

My last castle before going home.

The family from Albany built a decorated wedding cake. Mom, Stephanie, Parker 9, and Ashlyn 6. Greg, the Dad, has been bitten by the sandcastle building bug, and will be making them for years to come!

A sand pedicure?

Yes! You may have guessed that Piper’s mom had something to do with it, but Aunt BJ was in charge of filling the “basins” at the bottom of the sand spa chairs.

The family from Albany, NY, built today

It’s so nice to see the creations that this family does!
I think Greg (Parker 9, Ashlyn 6, and Sawyer 2’s Dad) was “bitten by the bug”, and will be building sandcastles for a long time! Mom Stephanie is a great cheerleader for the creations, as is Mamma and Papa 💕

A shark?

Anna 9, her brother Jack 6, from Albany, NY, and her friend Piper 7, from Ambler, PA – standing behind the shark that Piper’s mom made!