A better castle today

Yes, it’s hot out there, but there was a great breeze from the West.
So nice to meet Kimberly, from Reading, who is working at the Wawa at rt 9.
Also met Tom and his daughter Elle, 5 1/2.
Carrie stopped by to say she was happy to see me.
Late in the day,I posed with Gabriel, Erica’s son, who had posed in a photo with me when he was a very young boy.

New builders today

I met 2 families from Washington, DC this morning, who built castles. Maia and Arya, are friends, both 5 1/2, and built a castle together. Their dads worked hard, keeping the younger sisters Trudi 3, and Sioleen 2 1/2 busy with a castle of their own.

The next new castle builder was from Roaring Spring,PA. Sophia is 9 1/2,
And did very well with her castle.

Mason is 6, and he and his dad worked together on their castle. They live in Vestal, NY.

A new castle, after the storm

Here’s my castle today, but I just got the bad news that it was destroyed before sunset tonight.
I am going home tomorrow, and won’t build tomorrow, but will be back Tuesday, and hopefully will build again.