August 17th, a small Castle, but a start.

Had to start from scratch, because of the high tides that wiped everything out. I build on the same spot, so it will be a little bigger everyday.

A small castle, after the high tide
Looking West, today’s small castle.

A kind soul saved my sign!

When I went to the beach this afternoon, I took one of my old signs. I was pleased and astounded to see my new sign that was missing saved, and put up next to the dune with my chair and sand toys!

Thanks be to God, and that kind soul!

August 15, today’s castle

The strong North-east wind that came in, brought the tide up really high, taking a bit of yesterday’s castle with it. No sun today, with a few sprinkles of rain.

With a rough bay behind, the castle is holding up well.
Looking up toward the dunes