Another Phoenix Castle, from the ruins

After last night’s destruction; 45 minutes to build up the base; and 4 hours of building and carving, a new castle todayπŸ’—πŸ°
Many people came to talkπŸ’—So nice to see Colleen Davis Jacono !πŸ’— Vaughn, grandfather to Eli (5), from Carlisle and Lewes πŸ’— Marna “found” me from the Market Street beach, and will bring her granddaughters Piper and Ainsley tomorrow πŸ’—Deb, from Hanover, and daughter Erin, from Gilbertsville were fun to talk with, and took lots of pictures πŸ’—Lee, from Lewes, brought her daughter Rachel, from Harper’s County, MD, and her children, Rowan (17) and Issac (12), that I taught when they were little!πŸ’—
My favorite sand castle student was Aiden (10), from Wilmington 🏰. He was charming, with great manners! I also met his brother Owen, and their grandparents and parents.πŸ’—πŸ°

Today’s castle, from the ruins
Erin, me, and Deb (who put me to shame getting up from a sitting position in the sand!)

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