I’ll be back –

I have to go home (to Village Green, Pennsylvania) on Wednesday or Thursday, but will be back on the beach Monday (Labor Day – if there’s a shoe horn to let me in!) or probaby Tuesday, when the crowds lessen! Hope to see you on the beach! I will be here until September 20.

I’m going home to see my #2 child, Michelle, and #4 grandchild, Riley, who moved to Austin, Texas. They have reservations to fly out of Houston this Thursday (if the flooding allows them to get out!)
We’ll take them back to the airport on Sunday, and hope to drive back down to Lewes on Monday.

Strong North East wind, but sunny, kids and castles

Here is 6 year old Isaac, from Forest Hills, Maryland, and his ever changing castle

Tyler 3 1/2, with his dad Rob, mom Vivienne, and sister Sophia 5, from Columbia, MD, were still working on this castle when I left the beach today.

Although it was really windy, I enjoyed building this castle today.

Had to say goodbye to my Albany, NY friends

It was so nice meeting this family from Albany, NY.
Dad Greg is holding Sawyer, almost 2; Parker is 8; Mom Stephanie; and Ashlyn 5.

Parker 8, Ashlyn 5, and Sawyer, almost 2.

Parker wanted to know how I could finish all of the things on my castle in one day. I told him it’s because I don’t do anything else when I am on the beach. I don’t eat lunch, and don’t sit and rest, and don’t play in the water – just do these sandcastles. That’s why people started calling me the Sandcastle Lady.

One of my favorite families from Ottawa arrived today!

I met this family when Vira was just a toddler, and love to see them come to build with me!
Beautiful family, speaking three languages fluently (French, Russian and English.)

Vira, 10, and her finished castle

Mila 15, and Olga 5, with their castle.

Roxanna, 13, and her castle today