Bernard, Christine, & Billy – Friday August 10, 2012

It was fun watching Bernard 18, Christine 17, and Billy 18 work together.  A few times, there was more sand on them than on their castle.  Billy was working with a bad knee, but had some great engineering ideas.  Bernard was great at making stairs; Christine kept working, with some human ‘roadblocks.

one view of the 3 friends' castle

Niamh, Caelan, Sean, Hannah & Kyle on Friday Aug 10, 2012

Niamh 12, Caelan 9, and Sean 7 – teamed up with their cousins Hannah 12, and Kyle 10 – from Havertown, PA  today.  We were ‘rained out’ yesterday, but they really made up for it today!  Wonderful young people that I was lucky to teach, and to build next to them.

Hannah, Niamh, Kyle, Caelan & Sean

Thursday, Aug 9 – storm came through

I went to the beach about 12:30, and there were 5 kids ready to build castles. But within the first half hour, we could hear thunder off in the distant Southwest. When I saw a lightning strike, I told the kids we needed to be off the beach.
We left all the buckets, shovels, and molds on the beach, thinking it would pass quickly, but it got worse – and I had to run back and get them safely up on the dune.
I barely made it back to the house before the heavy downpour started.
The forecast for tomorrow and Saturday don’t look very good, but it could be a good day for making cookies!