Quiet on the hot and humid beach today

Adreah 5 and her sister, Alayna 7, sat and watched a sandcastle lesson, with their mom, Bonita, and then went up the beach, to build a sweet castle!
September 9, 2016 Adreah and Alayna, from Terre Hill PA, and their castle
Adreah and Alayna’s castle <3 September 9, 2016 long view of my castle, with only one level
Here’s my castle today. I hope to build some more levels tomorrow!

Sept 9, 2016, close up of castle, one level only
I ran out of energy after 4 hours in the heat and humidity today. I hope I can add a village tomorrow.

Wonderful children from ALL over!

On my first couple of days on the Market Street Beach, I have had the pleasure of meeting and teaching some wonderful children from ALL over!

Unfortunately, my camera wasn’t working the first day, to capture:

Hanna, 7 and her brother Sebastian, 4, from Switzerland

Sylvan, 6 1/2, and his sister Elena, 3 1/2, from Eugene, Oregon.  (Sylvan said they flew AND drove here!)

These 4 children above are visiting their (very young and vibrant!) great grandparents, Dottie and Sam Foster

I also taught 4 school friends:  Anna, Emma, Alexa, and Avery – all 8 (Emma is the oldest, turning 9 soon) from Baltimore, MD