Lewes (and all coastal areas in De) evacuated; but I’ll be back Monday

Delaware’s Governor Markham issued a mandatory evacuation last night, and I packed all the buckets, molds, shovels and paraphenalia up from the dunes on the beach – I’ll be back building on Monday, August 29th (God willing, and the bay and canal don’t rise again.)  Hoping we don’t lose power, and Hurricane Irene doesn’t damage our beach or cottage!

Building on the beach on Monday, August 22, 2011

Met and taught a great family from Alexandria with 2 boys:  Gavin (5) and Trevor (2 1/2);  also met 2 cousins who got together here in Lewes – one from Herndon, VA; the other from Boyerstown, PA.   And also had a great niece, Katie (6 1/2) from Phoenixville, PA and a granddaughter, Sofia (7) from West Chester, PA

Short day at the beach on Sunday, August 21

Met some very nice people, including Aria (10), from Brooklyn, NY;  Almost finished an alligator.  Rolling thunder preceeded an incoming storm.

One of the sweetest people on the beach, there with her mom, aunt, and uncle